Message from PIARC's President


On behalf of PIARC (World Road Association), I am particularly happy to invite you to participate in the XVI World Winter Service and Road Resilience Congress, organized with Transport Canada and the City of Calgary, which will take place virtually in February, Monday 7 to Friday 11, 2022.

The theme of the Congress, “Adapting to a Changing World“, is perfectly in tune with the strategic direction and with the objectives adopted by the Association, namely road administration, mobility, safety and sustainability, and resilient infrastructure.

After the first International Winter Road Congress, which took place in Berchtesgaden, Germany, in 1969, these PIARC Congresses have become an established landmark and a key event for all road experts to convene. 

Our 2022 Congress will be the first of the series to address two themes, namely winter service and road resilience, which will make it relevant for all countries. Since this event will take place virtually, it will also be more easily accessible.

Resilience is an overarching ambition for all aspects of road infrastructure and road transport, and it requires a comprehensive approach. This is why PIARC has published several reports on this topic in recent years, including our International Climate Change Adaptation Framework, which helps road systems and road infrastructure managers and owners address climate change. Resilience is a cross-cutting issue for PIARC, and several of our Committees are currently developing material.

Based on the wealth of knowledge developed by our Committees, and on the very high quality of the abstracts that were submitted to our international call for papers, I am confident that all aspects of winter service and of road resilience will be fully addressed in the presentations and discussions at the Congress.

On behalf of PIARC, I want to thank the Government of Canada, represented by Transport Canada, as well as the City of Calgary, for hosting this Congress. I invite everyone to join us in February 2022.

Nazir Alli
PIARC President 

Message from Canada's Minister of Transport

Resilient. Enduring. Dependable. These are admirable labels that anybody would like to have applied to themselves.

They are also great words for describing what we need from our road infrastructure, as we know very well in Canada. Canadian roads must be resilient, enduring, and dependable, much like the Canadians who rely on them.

Canadians understand how the changing seasons can affect us, and how it can affect infrastructure. Winter is a particularly important part of who and what Canadians are.

Canada is a longstanding member of PIARC (the World Road Association). As Canada’s Minister of Transport, I can say that it truly is an honour to be the host nation for the XVI World Winter Service and Road Resilience Congress in February 2022.

The safe and efficient transportation of people and goods is an important priority for me. I know that it is important for Canadians, and for our economy.

Canadians also know that collaboration and learning from best practices can lead to exciting and valuable results.

I am sure that the Congress, and the presentations, discussions, and sharing of knowledge and solutions that it will bring in 2022, will be a great opportunity for all participants looking to improve transportation in the face of climate change, technological change, regulatory change, and societal change.

I am confident that the XVI World Winter Service and Road Resilience Congress will be beneficial and enjoyable for all participants.

The Honourable Omar Alghabra
Minister of Transport

Message from Calgary's Mayor

Jyoti Gondek, Mayor

Welcome to all delegates and attendees of the 2022 World Winter Service and Road Resilience Congress!

While we won’t be able to see you here in person, we are excited to have the opportunity to host this Congress virtually. This year’s theme of “adapting to a changing world” is so timely and resonates with other aspects of our lives as we move together through 2022.

Calgary is a four-seasons city, which contributes to an appealing lifestyle and requires that our roads and infrastructure are designed to match the changing seasons. Like you, we prioritize optimum mobility, and specifically winter mobility. Whether our citizens take transit, use active modes or drive their vehicles, the work we do on the design and maintenance of our streets and pathways continues to positively contribute to our quality of life.

We look forward to hearing from this year’s global experts regarding the management and maintenance of winter roads, as well as the challenges and lessons learned as cities work together to become more resilient.

Best wishes for a successful Congress!