Call for Papers

PIARC (World Road Association) is calling for individual contributions on selected topics for the XVI PIARC World Winter Service and Road Resilience Congress, which will be held in Calgary (Canada), 8-11 February, 2022.

The 2022 Congress will be structured around two themes: Winter Service and Resilience. Contributions are invited only on the topics described below. Papers that fall outside this scope will not be considered.

Authors are invited to submit an abstract using the online facility from the Congress website at: before 30 November 2020.

The abstract must be written and submitted in English, French and/or Spanish, with a maximum of 400 words (English is highly recommended for evaluation and dissemination purposes).

All papers must be original work available to be released for publication. Material that has been previously published will not be accepted. Any reference of a political, commercial or advertising nature must be excluded from the papers. The indication of a brand name should be excluded in the title and in the abstract.

The papers should present case studies, research results and/or practical experience related to the topics of this call.

The abstracts will be reviewed anonymously by PIARC Technical Committees and decisions will be notified to the authors before 15th March 2021. Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to submit a full paper before 15 July 2021. The full papers can be submitted in English, French and/or Spanish (it is recommended to submit in as many languages as possible in order to maximize dissemination).

These will be reviewed by PIARC Technical Committees and decisions regarding publication and requests for amendments will be notified to the authors before 15 October 2021.

The papers will be evaluated on the originality of the content, the technical interest and the applicability and transferability of the results.

All accepted proposals will be presented during poster sessions and will be included in the Congress proceedings. Outstanding contributions will be selected for oral presentation during the technical sessions of the Congress.

Publication of the accepted papers is subject to the registration of at least of one of the co-authors to the Congress.

Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit an abstract using the online facility from the Congress website.

Key Dates

Call for papers
From July 2020
Deadline for authors to submit abstracts
30 November 2020
Notice of acceptance of abstracts
15 March 2021
Deadline for authors to submit full text of papers
15 July 2021
Notice of review of papers
1 October 2021
XVI World Winter Service and Road Resilience Congress – Calgary 2022
8-11 February 2022

Winter Service Theme:

Topic 1: Extreme winter situations in cold climate areas

Topic 2: Effect of climate change on winter service

Topic 3: Road weather information

Topic 4: New technologies and methods in winter service

Topic 5: Winter maintenance management

Topic 6: Road user communications and connected and autonomous vehicles during winter

Topic 7: Winter service in urban areas

Resilience Theme:

Topic 8: Best practices for increasing resilience in road networks

Topic 9: Disaster and Risk Management

Topic 10: Improving resilience of Road Network Operations through ITS and new technologies

Topic 11: Resilient pavements

Topic 12: Bridge resilience considering natural hazards

Topic 13: Resilience of Earth Structures to natural hazards

Topic 14: Resilience: measures to keep a road tunnel safely available for traffic under varying circumstances

Topic 15: Resilience of Roads and Roads transport

Contact Information for Call for Papers

Piarc Prizes

Prizes will be awarded to the best papers among individual contributions as a result of the call for papers.

More information will be released on the Congress website later.